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About Milton Moore

I’ve been making photographs since journalism school at Boston University back in the days of the Nixon Administration.


From 1973 until 2015, I worked fulltime in daily newspapers wearing many hats: reporter, feature writer/photographer, graphics editor/director of photography - shape-shifting every three to five years from writing and editing writers to news designing and managing photographers.

The black-and-white images here are mainly from my time working at the Cape Cod Times in the 1970s, shot on Ilford HP5 and Canon F1s. The fishing photos shown under the "Working Men, Working Boats" link are part of an exhibition curated and produced at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Conn. The exhibition has also been shown in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Bulgaria. This work seems very important to me, since eras that seem so endless vanish in the wink of an eye.

The color images are all digital and not work-for-hire. Some were made in Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia, some were made in the New England forests and shores, and many were made in the greatest photo studio yet: the streets of Manhattan.

In 2015, I left The Day of New London, Conn. While in New London, I taught Digital Photography at Mitchell College for six years. I earned my Masters in Journalism Education from Kent State University in May 2019. Since then, I have taught a seminar-style course in Documentary Photography at the American University in Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

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